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The travel industry is facing many challenges: automation of the distribution of products through multiple channels, need for flexibility and a strong responsiveness to the market, dynamic packaging, pricing changes, new approaches for customer relations, internationalisation, security management, …

Founded in 2000, Travelsoft has published the Orchestra platform since 2005.

Orchestra achieved in 2016 a turnover of 10 million Euros.

Orchestra teams – composed of 65 professionals in January 2017 – have unique expertise in the field of new technologies applied to the tourism industry.

Christian Sabbagh, Founder President of Orchestra


Continuous innovation

For the implementation of its technological platform, Orchestra capitalizes on over 40 000 man / days of development.

Thus, the key lns_syntec_logos2software components of the Orchestra system have been operational for 9 years:

  • Unified catalog and web content management
  • Rich administrative tools
  • Unified management of multi vendor and multi systems booking
  • Integrated booking with management systems via connectors

New releases of the platform are issued every 5 weeks.

Orchestra interconnects with the production systems on the market: Accovia, Data System, Taranis, Advences, Solution + Sapeig, Gestour, Servico, Flag Systèmes, Contours, Speed ​​TO, Travys, PGI Consult as well as many proprietary systems.

A market Place

A multi vendor and multi systems marketplace

Orchestra’s mission is to develop, maintain and commercialize a marketplace featuring a wide selection of products from different producers, in order to enable travel agencies to automate their links with their suppliers.

Integrated via Web Services or white-label services, Orchestra services enable agencies to access producers’ products (catalogues, price, availability), to make estimates and bookings, communicating in real time with their suppliers’systems and finally to automate their trading accounts.

Agencies can integrate these services directly to their websites to sell packages a 100% online.

Automation, which is at the heart of the travel industry challenges, makes the Orchestra marketplace a very competitive tool, generating substantial savings and significantly reducing operational costs for travel agencies.

Management systems

The essential participation of operators of producers’mangement systems

To industrialise the interconnection between travel agents and producers, it is essential to master the complexity of computer systems used by the latter. Orchestra is the only market initiative that has all the skills necessary to expand and to make reliable the interconnection to the producers’offer.

The association of operators of producers’mangement systems to Orchestra ensures travel agencies on the sustainability of their interconnection solution.