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Orchestra offers to retailers a unique range of services around three levers:

  • Automation of trade
  • Personalisation and content management
  • Multi-channel and multi-supports distribution

These services provide retailers with a great deal of flexibility while ensuring high productivity.


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Complete range of leisure products

Packages which are offers with fixed durations (but multiple) which are supplied by one producer:

  • Tour Operators
  • Hosting
  • Cruise
  • Consolidators

The hotel offer for which the duration is free and can be booked with or without transportation.

The flight offer (GDS and Low cost) and rail

The pre-packaging offer that allows the creation of products within Orchestra combining content, pricing and availability from various sources. These offers may typically include :

  • A package without transportation combined with transport
  • A hotel combined with transport

The dynamic packaging which allows to combine dynamically and on demand accomodation and a flight from different sources.

“A la carte” – tailor-made travel

Multi channel access

And multi providers

The Orchestra solution is designed to allow for consultation and online booking for all channels of a distributor and in particular, direct channels to travellers, the ones used by travel agencies, but also the indirect distribution channels.

The management of all distribution channels, users, their roles as well as the travel policy of each channel is made in the Orchestra administration tool.


Very flexible administration

Orchestra gives retailers a very high flexibility on the management of their system and of your bookings. The multiple producers catalogue is fully manageable, as well as its front office.

The booking process also benefits from an extensive administration. Indeed, the sale processes and the rates displayed are manageable. In particular, many parameters like fees and reduction codes can be administered depending on the type of product sold (package, hotel, flight, train, dynamic packaging).

The distributor can manage the producers’catalogues :

  • Choice on products published
  • Choice on departure cities and durations
  • Ownership of the editorial content
  • Criteria specific to the distributor
  • Highlight of a selection of products
  • Set up of automated exports of products to partners

Furthermore, the distrbutor may include its own production in the system.


End-to-end customisation

Orchestra gives retailers a very high flexibility on the management of their system and of your bookings. The multiple producers catalogue is fully manageable, as well as its front office.

Orchestra offers Web Services that allow the construction of a multi-channel front-office of the custom catalogue.

Web services are accessible from all types of external platforms. The major functionalities of search, content display and sorting are available as standard.

Booking process

A unified booking process

The booking process is unified and does not dependent on the producer, which provides a great homogeneity of the selling process.

The booking process is adapable to the different types of product sold:

  • Package or pre-packaging
  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Train
  • Dynamic packaging
  • “A la carte” – tailor-made travel

The multi-channel booking process incorporates all the characteristics of producers both in terms of type of offers or multiplicity of add-ons.

The booking process is configurable by distributor and by type of product. Thus it reflects its trade policy:

  • Insurances are those of the distributors
  • The payment modes, payment fees and payment terms are configurable by distributor and channel
  • The booking fees are configurable by sales channel
  • Reduction codes can be dynamically managed by the distributors
  • A precise management of margin allows for example the distribution of products whose prices are sent without commission by the producer

Services to travellers

Real-time tracking

With Orchestra, the distributor provides a service of great quality to his or her client since the booking confirmation is made in real time with the producer.

Upstream, the distributor presents a catalogue with content, prices and availability that are updated very regularly. All promotions are as well available in this catalogue.

Regarding the booking file and the service to provide after the reservation, the distributor can do it under the best conditions since the booking is also available in its own management system.

Orchestra allows confirmation and cancellation of options and issues with a direct link to the producer’s system.

Business model

In direct correlation with sales partners

Orchestra brings added value and real earnings for the entire distribution chain by four levers:

  • Integration into producers’management systems
  • Integration of accommodation and transport sources
  • The functionalities specified by the distributors
  • A maximum level of automation throughout the entire processing chain. These levers ensure a minimum cost of the system and of operations.

The remuneration system is based on its value added by distributors.

Continuous innovation

A new release every 5 weeks

Versions meet the needs expressed by distributors, customers of Orchestra.

Each major version contains functional evolutions in:

  • The administration tool
  • The booking process
  •  As well as a growing number of integrated producers and sources