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Did you know that : 58% of your potentiel guests visit your hotel website after seeing it on an OTA
But … only a few of them book directly on your website

Orchestra-Hotels-Front“Dynamic packaging is a method used in package holiday bookings to enable consumers to build their own package of flights, accommodation, transfers and ancillaries service”

“Google observes that 58% of travelers visit hotel website after seeing hotel on a OTA. This is the perfect time to begin engagement”

“While the hotel rooms are being booked cheap by OTAs, the guests would pay higher rates, and have superior service standard expectations.  OTAs were making a killing on both sides.”  – Mr Akshay Kulkarni, director at CBRE Hotels Asia-Pacific

Dynamic package bookings bring valuable demand to hotels, enabling them to build base inventory, protect rate secrecy, and to split the discount the consumer sees online with other providers. The dynamic evolution of package holidays means everybody wins. » – Isabelle Pinson, Expedia

“With competition for bookings more intense than ever, hotels continue to look for ways to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for guests planning a holiday (…) There are now a number of ways by which hotels can offer their own dynamic packaging solutions.” – Triptease.com

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Orchestra4hotel is a breaktrough solution to increase direct bookings

Orchestra Platform aggregates hotels data with flights, activities and transfers… to deliver a dynamic package, with a global price per booking.

Customer Care Services
Room only Booking Engine available Package your properties with best available airlines rates Add transfer, excursions  and many other ancilaries Remove intermediaries between your guests and you


Benefits :

✓Hotel prices are hidden
✓Best airline rates are procured by Orchestra’ sources
✓Application of hoteliers cancellation policy
✓Hotel payment collected by the hotelier
✓Ancillaries services in real time (Activities, transfer, car rental…)

> Increase direct booking
> Adress the package-with-flight business
> Collect guests data
> Operate as a TO

How it works


✓Dynamic Package booking engine
✓Provides flights and transfers rate and availability (multi-sources)
✓Pricing and mark-up modules
✓Bookings management module

Travel Agent Services (Option)

✓24/7 customer care
✓Travel agent agreement and insurance
✓Contact information (GDPR compliance)

Onbording at a glance

1. We validate connection to your channel manager
2. Chose to operate youself the Travel Agent Services (licence required) … or entrust it
3. Open a new channel on your system, with dedicated rates
4. Insert button and/or slider on your website
5. … prepare to receive direct bookings !


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