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What if your hotel’s website offered a dynamic package booking engine that could compete with any OTA?



More than 1 out of 2 potential clients visit hotels’ websites after seeing them on an OTA, but less than a handful chooses to book direclty from them.

We believe the reason is because hotel websites do not offer additional options for guests who want to book packages.

Orchestra4hotels is the digital solution that could open new opportunities for hoteliers who want to free themselves from the grasp of OTAs.



“Dynamic package bookings bring valuable demand to hotels” – Isabelle Pinson, Expedia

Orchestra’s breakthrough booking engine combines hotels data with flights, activities and transfers to deliver dynamic packages to the guests.

Additionally, to ensure a smooth and reassuring experience, the solution can be completed with 24/7 white travel agent services.



Customer Care Services
Package your properties with the best rates Add transfers, excursions and the ancillaries of your choice Remove intermediaries between your guests and you


How it works

Custom-made booking engine
Bookings management module
Best real-time flight rates from multiple sources
Hidden room prices
Application of hoteliers’ cancellation policy
Payment collected by the hotelier



Increase direct booking
Adress the package-with-flight business
Operate as your own tour operator
Collect guests’ data


Travel agent services (option)

24/7 customer care
Travel agent agreement and insurance
Contact information (GDPR compliance)


Onboarding at a glance

Validate connection to your channel manager
Choose to operate yourself the Travel Agent Services (license required) or to entrust it
Insert button and/or slider on your website
Open a new channel on your system, with dedicated rates
Receive direct bookings !

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