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Orchestra is the platform
software dedicated to tourism.

Our mission

For more than 20 years, Orchestra has been a major player in traveltech in France.

The travel industry is constantly facing new challenges.

Today, between the automation of distribution across multiple channels, the growing need for personalization, increasingly dynamic pricing, new approaches to customer relationships or even security management, the watchword is transformation.

Since our creation, our place at the heart of the systems of the main travel operators has allowed us to support professionals in the sector and to respond to all their new challenges.

+1 million

bookings with Orchestra per year

Who are we?

We cultivate our expertise on a daily basis and according to the latest innovations.

We build partnerships based on proximity and proactivity.

We set up dedicated teams and customized solutions.

Our platform

Collaborative and open technology

Discover the platform

Our platform is published in Saas mode to allow simplified automation and distribution of leisure products.

It allows professionals to produce, administer, distribute and manage a complete leisure offer across all distribution channels: stays (packages), hotel nights, plane tickets, dynamic packages, à la carte.


A complete range of leisure products

Connected to more than 220 external sources (tour operators, cruise lines, hotel operators, hotel operators, GDS, channel managers, activities, transfers, insurance, payment systems...), the Orchestra platform allows the distribution of a wide range of products.

Discover our solutions
Activities & services
Dynamic packages
“A la carte”
Tour operators
Cruise passengers
Car rental companies
Activities and services
Travel agencies
Amusement parks

Our knowledge of the industry and our customers allows us to design and offer adapted solutions in B2B and B2C.

Our partners


The Orchestra leisure platform is a software solution published in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). It is designed to meet the needs of professionals in the leisure tourism sector, and allows them to produce, administer, and distribute a complete range of products (packages, hotel nights, plane or train tickets, dynamic packages, à la carte) on all distribution channels: travel agencies, call centers, e-commerce sites and mobile travel booking applications.

Support is an integral part of Orchestra's value proposition. From the analysis of needs to the implementation of the platform in production, technical assistance, dedicated customer support, advice and training programs: the support is personalized to help users maximize the potential of the platform and achieve their business goals.

The main modules available on the Orchestra platform are:

• The product administration module: allows the management of multi-producer catalogs and their marketing on all channels, with fully customizable product management rules (product selection, specific criteria, highlights...).

• The front-office administration module: allows you to manage and customize content pages and featured products, search engines, and product refinement, filter and sorting functions, by type of product sold (hotels, flights, pre-packages, pre-packages, dynamic packages, activities and services, customized stays).

• The B2B module: provides access to a unified and homogeneous reservation process for travel agencies and call centers, based on the type of product sold.

• Production modules: internal, to enter your own production within the platform, and external, to automatically access all production from more than 260 sources.

• The back-office module: allows the administrative management of files (modification, enrichment, cancellation).

• The price management module: allows you to administer the management rules concerning margins.

• The hotel extranet: allows hoteliers to load availability grids on the platform.

The Orchestra software platform, integrated and all-in-one, meets all the business problems of leisure tourism players. Digitization of the distribution of a vacation offer, standardization of product sources, creation and enrichment of availability, automation of marketing, or even diversification of distribution channels... The platform is a business solution that covers a broad spectrum of use cases, with the aim of improving the efficiency and profitability of tourism professionals.

In essence, the Orchestra platform is designed to interface with a maximum of sources and partners. This includes:

• Players in the tourism sector: Tour operators, accommodation providers, leisure parks, leisure parks, cruise lines, cruise lines, hotel operators, car rental companies, distributors of activities and services, aggregators, consolidators, aggregators, consolidators, associations and foundations, associations and foundations, associations and foundations, associations and foundations, labels, or insurance companies.

• Payment systems

• Back-office management and accounting solutions

• Tracking solutions

• Other connectivities: mapping systems, social networks, content specialists, etc.


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