One platform, a multitude of commitments
une multitude d’engagements

Our commitment

Since 2020, we have absorbed 100% of the carbon emissions from our activity (travel, energy expenses, association with Setosphere etc.)

Our action plan

Our carbon neutrality measures

Each activity has a measurable impact on climate change. Orchestra had the quantity of CO2 emissions from its offices in Paris, Seville and Dijon evaluated. Thanks to this assessment, we are in a position to implement actions to reduce our carbon footprint and then the means to absorb and guarantee our carbon neutrality: travel by our teams and customers, energy expenditure on servers, association with Setosphere...

Our initiatives
Donation module

Je pars, tu pars, il part.

We support this foundation whose objective is to put an end to precariousness in disadvantaged families.


A tree for you

By collaborating with this association, we offer our customers the opportunity to support virtuous and responsible projects.


Betterfly Tourism

This partnership allows us to offer our customers a calculator for the carbon footprint of various trips and to promote energy sobriety.


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