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Because IT industry is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions to the extent of
by about 5% to date and with the prospect of reaching more than 10% in 10 years, we,
Orchestra software publisher, have decided to commit ourselves to the fight against carbon emissions.
by absorbing our CO2 by 2020.
To do so, we have initiated a detailed data collection to measure our impact on the environment.
and put in place concrete reduction actions.


100% carbon neutral

Each activity has a measurable impact on global warming. Orchestra has had assessed the quantity of CO2 emissions from its offices in Paris, Seville and Dijon related to:

  • Energy consumption
  • Supplies
  • Employees’ home-to-work and business trips
  • The movement of visitors
  • Vehicles, computer equipment, furniture
  • The waste generated and the method of recovery

This precise calculation model called Bilan Carbone, certified by the Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), allows to know its impact, its equivalences and the means to be activated to absorb its volume of CO2.

Thanks to this assessment we are able to implement actions to reduce our carbon footprint and then the means to absorb and guarantee our carbon neutrality.

Continuous actions

We are implementing actions aimed at bringing about lasting changes in purchasing and behaviour.

We have migrated to LED lighting for all premises, purchases of supplies are oriented towards so-called “green” products, water fountains are replacing mineral water packs, isothermal mugs are offered to employees and we are continuing our efforts on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we encourage research on responsible search engines such as ecosia.org, we promote good “geek” practices such as better email management (30 deleted emails are equivalent to 1 day’s consumption of an LED light bulb), turning off computers, limiting printing, favouring favourite sites rather than search engines (click clean!), the idea being that eco-responsible behaviour is becoming more and more natural.

The absorption

Our carbon balance sheet has evaluated our impact at 420 tons of CO2.

To absorb this volume of nearly 500 tons, we have chosen to support projects with ecological and social dimensions in three geographies. These projects are managed by a Tree for You association.
Thus our emissions will be absorbed in Ecuador thanks to participatory reforestation in the Ecuadorian Amazon, in Cambodia in the Phnom Kulen National Park which fights deforestation, poverty and food insecurity by planting trees, and in Togo by participating in an agroforestry and forestry project around the Zio River.

For the first quarter of 2020, we have selected partners close to our values to carry out reforestation actions that will absorb the remainder of our CO2 emissions.