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Our expertise, our vision

Portrait Christian Sabbagh

Christian Sabbagh
Orchestra Founder and CEO

The travel industry is changing and facing new challenges: the automation of the distribution of all types of products through multiple channels, the need for increasing customization, the need for market responsiveness, more and more dynamic pricing, new approaches to customer relationships, internationalization of players, security management, need to reconcile contents and sales process…
At the core of the systems of the main travel operators, Orchestra accompanies and anticipates the stakes of the industry.

Published in SaaS mode, the Orchestra leisure platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its market, placing agility and flexibility at the centre of its development and decision-making processes. Based on JAVA technology, our solution supports the development of major travel agencies.

With a multicultural team of more than 70 people and a privileged proximity with its partners, Orchestra has acquired unique skills in the field of new technologies for the tourism sector.

A collaborative and open technology…

The Orchestra platform is based on an agile way of adapting to the needs of the markets and the evolutions of its customers. Platform releases are done every 5 weeks.

The key software components of the Orchestra system evolve regularly:

  • Unified catalogue and web content management
  • Administrative tools
  • Unified management of multi vendors and multi systems booking
  • Integrated connectivity with management systems
  • Dynamic production

In addition, the Orchestra platform is composed of several management modules (yield, back office, extranet, pricing management, …) allowing to propose a complete solution for the distribution of travel.

Orchestra interfaces with all market systems:
Accovia, Data System, Taranis, Advences, Solution +, Sapeig, Gestour, Servico, Flag Systems, Speed TO, Travys, PGI Consult, Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Synxis, Ypsilon, Koedia and Availpro as well as many proprietary systems.


A marketplace at the core of the tourism industry

Automation, personalization and reconciliation are the leitmotifs of the platform.
We believe that technology must be able to distribute travel with ever more services, content, targeting while meeting cost-effectiveness requirements.
Therefore, Orchestra invests heavily in research and development every year to anticipate and accompany these digital transformations.

Innovation is no longer optional.
Automation, which is at the heart of the challenges of the travel industry, makes the Orchestra marketplace a very competitive tool, generating considerable savings and significantly reducing the operating costs of travel operators.

Today, Orchestra can industrialize a process ‘à la carte’, to bring together the sales process and content, up to now totally dissociated, integrating external sources of information (opinions, notes, photos, descriptions …) into the booking process.
Personalization is also central, it is decisive to be different, that is why we accompany our partners day by day in their evolution with great demand.