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Access a complete range of leisure products

Connected to more than 220 external sources (tour operators, cruise lines, accommodations, hotels, GDS, channel managers, activities, transfers, insurance, payment systems …), the Orchestra platform allows the distribution of a wide range of products:

hotels_solution transports_solution forfaits_solutions Hotels
Activities & transfers
Provide ability to book hotels only. Interface to air and rail sources for the assembly of packages or distribution of transports only. Distribute offers from a single producer: tour-operators – hosting companies – cruise lines. Book transfers and all kinds of activities on site.


hotels_solution transports_solution DP_solution alacarte_solution
Dynamic packages
‘A la carte’
Create within Orchestra a product combining contents, prices and availabilities from different sources and displayed as a package. These offers can typically contain:

  • A hotel combined with transport
  • A package without transport
  • Activities and transfers
Dynamically assemble on-demand hosting and flight from different sources. There are also activities and transfers. Compose your travel by choosing independently hotels, flights, activities, transfers…thanks to the concept of personalized shopping cart.


Manage freely

Orchestra brings to the travel operators a great flexibility of administration of their system and management of their bookings. The multi-producer catalogue is totally manageable, as well as front-offices.

Wide management of booking processes

The booking process is unified and does not depend on the producer or the source, which brings a very homogeneous sales process. It is based on the type of product sold (hotels, flights, pre-packages, packages, dynamic package, activities, ‘à la carte’).

Internal and external productions

Two types of productions can be administered on the Orchestra platform.

  • Internal : It is possible to enter its own production within the platform.
  • External : The Orchestra platform gives automated access to all production from 150 sources. However, these producers remain highly administrable.

Control of catalogues

Orchestra developed Web Services to build a customized multi-channel front office. Web Services can be accessed from all types of external platforms. The main functions of searching, retrieving content and sorting are available as standard.

administration functions, mid-office, editorial, criteria, production, rules, yield, extranet, b2b

More services for travelers

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Understanding a layered mode of operation

Download the Orchestra description sheet


Link economic models

Orchestra links its business model to the success of its partners. In direct correlation with the sales of its distributors, Orchestra brings added value and gains for the entire distribution chain through four levers:

  • Integration within producer management systems
  • Integration of accommodation and transport sources
  • Distribution-oriented functions
  • Maximum level of automation throughout the entire processing chain

These levers guarantee minimal system and operational costs.
The remuneration of the platform is based on the added value of the players.

Our partnership

With APG Platform, Orchestra enables the distribution of air and non-air products,
being NDC compliant

the potential of pre-package

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